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About Us

ScienceLighting.com carries a huge inventory and variety of lamps, light bulbs, sockets, power supplies, photonic devices and illumination, detection and measurement equipment.  Located just north of Seattle, we are ideally located to provide the components needed for your scientific, medical or manufacturing application, shipping internationally and domestically. 

Lamps or Light Bulb of all kinds

- Xenon Short Arc

- Ceramic Xenon

- Mercury-Xenon

- Mercury Short Arc

- Medical Incandescent

- Germicidal

- UVA/UVB, Blacklight and Blacklight Blue

- Tungsten-Halogen

- Flashlamps

- Deuterium

- Hollow Cathode

- Photoionization Detector Lamps (PID)

- Indicator Lamps and LEDs

- Fluorescent

- Infrared Heater

- Linear Excimer (Linex)

- Laser Diodes.

Photonic Devices

- Silicon Photodiodes,

- X-ray Flat Panel Sensors,

- Avalanche Photo Diodes,

- Mini-Spectrometers,

- Photo Multiplier Tubes,

- Electron Multiplier Tubes,

- Phototubes,

- UV Detector Flame Sensors,

- Micro-channel Plates,

- Image Intensifiers,

- Position Sensing Devices,

- Infrared Detectors,

- UV Meters,

- Photon Counters,

- Optical Communication Devices,

- Optical Measurement Systems,

- Image Sensors

- Photo IC,

- Visible Light Sensors/Illuminance Sensors,

- Color Sensors,

- Fiber Optics.

Illuminations Systems

- Microscope Illuminators,

- Machine Vision Systems,

- UV Inspection,

- UV/Mineral Display,

- UV Curing Systems,

- UV Incubators,

- BioImaging Systems,

- UV Transilluminators,

- PCR Systems,

- Hybridization Ovens,

- Fraud Detection Lamp,

- Ultraviolet Crosslinkers, Translinkers, Incubators.

Also Available

- Sockets for lamps and photonic devices

- Open Frame and Laboratory Power Supplies for lamps and photonic devices

- UV Goggles

- UV Leak Detection Inks

- Hi-Speed, Hi-Sensitivity, Hi-Resolution, Microscopy, IR, X-ray and UV Cameras.


Many items are drop shipped direct from the manufacturer, but all customer service and support after the sale are provided by ScienceLighting.com.